AyurTex concept is to bring the traditional organic natural dyeing method to modern textile industry for making eco-friendly wellness textiles.

Ever since the discovery of synthetic dye derived from coal tar by William Perkin in 1856, until natural dyeing was the only dyeing method followed in textile industry, after large scale production of cheap synthetic dye, natural dyes slowly become almost extinct . but after realizing the negative impact of the synthetic dyes like pollution, environmental and health problems the textile world is now changing back to the alternative safe eco friendly dyeing methods.

India has a long history of the dyeing textile in natural way from natural sources. The kings , saints , royals used natural herbal dyed clothes , The natural color painting in 1000 year old temples and caves are many evidence that natural dye was the main sources for coloring clothes and also used as a media for human welness.

We Kairali Exports a half century old traditional handloom firm researched and masterd this art of traditional natural herbal dyeing method and manufacture 100% organically dyed textiles without synthetic chemicals in any process .

Ayurveda is a traditional and the most influential form of medicine native to India originating from its Vedic traditions. It is popularly practiced all over the world. Ayurveda use herbs and medicinal plants for treating various health problems . We use ayurvedic herbs in our dyeing process thus AyurTex stands for Ayurvedic Textiles.

All our products are eco friendly , truly organic and follow fair trade even our dye waste can be used as natural fertilizer for agriculture.