Ayurveda is not only a system of medicine, but also a way of living. It is used to both prevent and cure diseases. In today world the spread of synthetic chemicals in natural resources like air, water, land had created may health problems to living organisam, it is very hard to get clean water, good food, fresh air, this lead to new diseases and social problems. In Ayurveda for healthy life three dosha (Vatha, Pitha, Kabha) should be balanced, if any dosha is imbalanced will lead to diseases,to balance dosha and to have healty living we need good food, shelter, clothing. AyurTex concept is to give a good clothing in natural way without, synthetic chemicals, the environment(Aura) surround our body plays a vital role in preventing mental and physical health, when herbal dyed cloth surrounds your body it can gives wellness to body and mind.

AyurTex team made many research and mastered in making clothes using meidicnally rich herbs, this clothes is not only eco friendly but also soft on the skin with a nice feeling on the body, and the shades are earthly which will calm the mind.

AyurTex dyeing process is a unique dyeing method. Which we have summarized in the below table:

Process Our Ayurvedic Dye Natural Dye Chemical Dye
Fabrics or Yarn We use only natural  fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Linen, Junte, Bamboo, wooletc..) we do not recommend syntetic fibers. Apart from natural fibers Synthetic or petro chemical yarns and fabrics are also used. Natural ,Synthetic or petro chemical yarns or fabrics used but the properties are altered to get different finish.
Pre-processing of fabrics We use Natural surfactants (soap net) and fibers are not harshly treated, the natural feeling is preserved. Bleaching is done naturally using sunlight & natural  minerals. Many natural dyers use Chemicals for pre-processing because of cheap chemicals availability and easy work , there is no much different from synthetic dye. Toxic synthetic chemicals are used as a bleaching agent and surfactant. The fibers will react with the chemical and natural properties will be dead.
Dyeing The dye extracts are directly taken from medicinally rich herbs. The herbs itself will act as mordents and dye, the shades are earthly and there is no touch of any synthetic chemicals. Even through dye extracts from natural sources but for fixing colors many toxic and heavy metals are used like tin, chrome etc., chemical mordents are used. For making bright colors Harmful chemical dyes like Formaldehyde, Chrome, Copper, Dioxin and zinc are used for making colors.
Finishing Natural herbs and Surfactants are used for finishing. Organic Chemicals are used for finishing the fabric. organic chemicals is also synthetic chemicals. Many type of finish is derived from different Chemical process which can create health problems.
Softening Softener is made from naturally using , Castrol oil, aloevero and natural fixatives. Eco-friendly chemical softener is used. Chemical softener is used.

Benefits of Eco-friendly wellness textiles from Kairali exports

♦   The foremost benefit is that you can be proud of contributing your part towards our “Go Green” motive. All our products maintain environmental friendliness in all possible aspects. Thus by preferring us, your moral obligation towards earth is also taken care of.
♦   Natural fibres like cotton is good for the skin and when it is dyed with natural medicinal rich herbs, the comfort level and soft feel to the skin further enhances.
♦   The herbal properties of the clothing provided keep the users in safe zone by creating a barrier to the external environmental toxins.
♦   There are not even hazy chances of any kind of allergic reactions and the fabric is compatible to all type of skins.
♦   A positive aura remains enveloped to the body thus boosting the confidence of wearer.